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[ShopeePay] Transferable & Non-Transferable Balance FAQ

1) What is considered Transferable and Non-transferable balance?

Top-ups made from credit cards are non-transferable, while top-ups made from funds other than a credit card (i.e., top-ups made from cash, online banking, debit cards, etc.) are transferable.

2) What can I use my transferable & non-transferable balance for?

Transferable balance can be used to make offline payments and online checkouts, P2P transfers and withdrawals.

Non-transferable balances can only be used for offline and online checkouts, but cannot be used for P2P transfers or withdrawals

3) How can I view my transferable & non-transferable balance?

Your transferable & non-transferable balance can be viewed as per below:

Step 1: On Shopeepay homepage click on 'Transfer'

Step 2: Select recipient to transfer to

Step 3: Click on the "?" icon to view transferable & non-transferable balances.

Step 4: Transferable & non-transferable balance overview

4) Will transferable or non-transferable balances be prioritised for payments?

Your funds will first be deducted from your non-transferable balance and subsequently your transferable balance.

5) Is it possible to transfer my transferable and non-transferable balance to other ShopeePay users or to a bank account, or through a DuitNow transfer?

Balance that is classified as "transferable balance" can be transferred to other ShopeePay users, bank accounts, or through DuitNow transfer.

Balances that fall under the category of "non-transferable balance" cannot be transferred to other ShopeePay users, bank accounts, or through DuitNow transfers.

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