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Treat Customer Fairly Charter


This Customer Service Charter (“Charter”) was set up with the intention to outline key commitments and services standard when providing services to our customers.

This Charter reiterates our commitment to deliver a high standard of customer service and describes the type of service that we aim to provide and the channel you can use to engaged with us.

While we strive to upload the standards outline in this Charter, this Charter is not intended to, and does not, create any legally binding rights or obligations.

1.    Services Standard

  1. To deliver a seamless service wherein the customer is aware of the terms of services which is easily accessible on our website.

2.    Reliable and Quality Service

  1. To deploy robust hardware, equipment and software, and ensure that our services comply with regulations and guidelines set by regulators including Bank Negara Malaysia.

3.    Transparent

  1. We will be transparent in our dealings with you and we do not engage in conduct which is deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise misleading.
  2. We will inform you any changes to our services in a prompt manner.

4.    Accessibility

  1. We are contactable by email at info@airpay.com and we strive to respond any queries from customers on a timely manner.
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