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[ShopeePay] How do I pay at ShopeePay merchants?

You can pay at ShopeePay merchants via the following methods: 1. Scan the ShopeePay merchant's QR code with:

(a) Shopee App homepage QR code scanner (b) Scan on ShopeePay page (c) Scan with DuitNow QR code scanner


P0041-Item-1-App homepage scanner versus ShopeePay page scanner


After you've scanned the QR code, enter the payment amount and description (optional) > Next > Pay Now > Enter ShopeePay PIN > OK  

P0041-Item-2-Scanning ShopeePay Merchant QR code


  1. Get ShopeePay Merchants to scan your QR code from Pay on the ShopeePay page




  1. Using other digital wallet apps aside from DuitNow QR to scan ShopeePay merchant QR codes is currently not supported.
  2. If your ShopeePay balance is insufficient for the payment, you'll be prompted to Top Up your balance. Alternatively, you can ask the ShopeePay merchant if they can accept partial payments made manually between ShopeePay and another payment method.


You'll receive a notification in your Wallet Updates folder once payment is successful.  

P0041-Item-3-Successful ShopeePay payment notification in Wallet Updates


Troubleshooting ShopeePay issues in-store

If your ShopeePay balance gets deducted more than once during payment, you should request for a refund from the merchant. Contact Shopee Customer Service if the merchant is unable to do so.

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