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[ShopeePay] How do I verify my ShopeePay account?

You can verify your ShopeePay account by uploading your Identify Card (IC) or passport (for foreigners) on the Shopee App.

Go to the Me tab > ShopeePay IC Verification > Fill in the necessary details

P0029-Item-1-Identity verification for ShopeePay



  1. Fill in the details as shown on your IC.
  2. Submit clear images of your identification document and face to help speed up the verification process.
  3. If your identification document is damaged, you can submit images of other documents such as your driver’s license. Approval of additional documents is subject to Shopee’s discretion.


Verification of your IC details will be processed within 24 hours if you do so via app. If you choose to manually upload the details, it may take a longer time.  You'll receive a notification in your Shopee App informing you of the results. If your submission is rejected, you can try again based on the reason in the notification. For more help on verifying your account, you can contact Shopee Customer Service.


Benefits of verifying your ShopeePay account

By adding your identification card (IC) details, you’ll be able to access more ShopeePay functions as the table below:





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