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[SPayLater] How do I pay with SPayLater?

If you're eligible for SPayLater, you can use it to pay for your orders after activation on Shopee App.

Activating SPayLater

Activate SPayLater by going to the Me tab > Activate Now > Fill in the One-Time Password sent to your registered mobile number > Continue > Fill in your MyKad details and other required information > Start Facial Verification > Start PayLater.  



Paying with SPayLater

Select SPayLater during your checkout:

Payment Option > SPayLater > CONFIRM > Place Order > fill in your ShopeePay PIN number > CONTINUE.  



If you have not set up ShopeePay, you can fill in the verification code sent to your registered mobile number instead of the ShopeePay PIN number.



Before you choose to pay via SPayLater, understand the detailed terms and conditions to see if you're eligible and whether the payment plans suit you.


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