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[Order Protection] What is Shopee Guarantee?

Shopee Guarantee is a feature where payments to sellers are temporarily held by Shopee for a Shopee Guarantee period, only to be released when buyers confirm that orders are fulfilled and satisfactory. The Shopee Guarantee period is 3 days  for Non-Shopee Mall orders and 15 days for Shopee Mall orders.

This allows buyers sufficient time to raise a refund if there are any issues with their order.

Buyer may raise a refund within the Shopee Guarantee period for the following reasons:

  1. Item was not delivered
  2. Item delivered  was damaged by seller or logistics partner
  3. Item delivered is faulty
  4. Item delivered is wrong (Wrong item, Wrong colour, etc)
  5. The order received is incomplete(Wrong quantity,Missing items,etc)

Click here to how to raise a return/refund for your order.

How is Shopee Guarantee calculated?

¹ Order Delivered Date - Date when the logistics partner delivers the parcel

2 Shopee Guarantee period -  The number of days it takes buyers are allowed to confirm receipt after delivery and inspect the item. Shopee Guarantee period is 3 days for Non-Shopee Mall Sellers and 15 days for Shopee Mall sellers. 3 Order Shipped Date - Date when seller ships out the parcel

How to extend Shopee Guarantee?

OS0015-Item-1-Extending Shopee Guarantee for order not shipped yet on Shopee App


You will need to confirm receipt of the order or request for return/refund within the Shopee Guarantee period, otherwise payment will be automatically released to sellers when this period ends. You are allowed a one-time 3 days extension of the Shopee Guarantee period if you have yet to receive an order that has been shipped.   If you still have not received your order before the final day of the extension period or if the item you have received is wrong, incomplete or damaged, do request for a refund before the 3 days Shopee Guarantee extension period ends.

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