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Special Announcement for COVID-19

As announced by our Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the National Restricted Movement Order will take effect from 18th March 2020 until 7th June 2021. As we clarify this directive with the relevant authorities, we would like to announce a few immediate steps we’re taking to help your business adjust during this period: 

For all sellers, do checkout our article in Seller Education Hub for you to get the latest updates regarding COVID 19 that may be affecting you directly. 

For all buyers, please do stay at home as much as possible and practice good personal hygiene as much as possible especially if you cannot avoid to leave your house. 

Here are a few things about Shopee to keep in mind as we go through this difficult period together. 

1. Courier Service

All Shopee logistics partners (Shopee Express, J&T Express, Poslaju, DHL eCommerce and Ninja Van) will be operating as usual. Do expect some delays in receiving your order(s) especially if you have placed order(s) with office delivery address.  

Courier Company (Link)

Hotline / Contact Number

Pos Laju

1300 300 300

J&T Express

1300 80 9000

DHL eCommerce

03 3099 2800

Ninja Van

6011 1722 5600



2. Delivery Address

You have a few options if you have placed order(s) with office delivery addresses.

  1. If your parcel are shipped, you can get in touch with the couriers to request for a re-routing. You may try to re-route it to your current address for collections. 
  2. If you placed the order recently and the order have not been updated with any tracking number you can try to change the address to your current address. Otherwise you can also request to cancel the order and place a new order with the correct address. Refer: "Can I change my address after placing an order?".
  3. Certain courier may not support / allow re-routing of the parcels. Hence you may need to collect your parcel(s) at the designated courier branch which will be updated in the parcels' delivery status accordingly. You may check our article for more information on how to check your shipping status: "How can I track my order's Shipping Status?".
  4. If your cannot proceed to collect the parcel (>10km from your location), please do proceed to request for refund as the parcel will eventually be shipped back to the seller. You can place a new purchase with the correct address after receiving the refund. 
  5. If you do not want to wait for the delayed shipments or call for a re-route or collect it from the designated courier branch, you may cancel the order / request for refund from your end. Check our article here for more information about cancelling your order or request for a refund for your order: "How to cancel my order?" or "When and how can I apply for a return refund?".


3. Safety Measures

We are constantly working closely with our sellers and logistics partners to ensure all necessary precautionary measures are done to ensure your safety. 4. Shopee Customer Service

Shopee Customer Service channels will operate as usual from Monday to Sunday 9.00am - 6.00pm including weekends and public holidays. Our live chat feature will also be available from Monday to Friday 9.00am - 10.00pm.  If your order is currently in transit, you may want to contact the relevant courier company for their assistance regarding delivery of your parcels or change of addresses. Refer Point 1 above for the contact number of each Shopee Supported Logistics Partners.  5. Order Cancellation

You may request for instant cancellation of your order should the seller have not "arrange shipment" for your order. Once the seller arranged shipment the order will be updated with its relevant tracking number. Any request for cancellation after this will require seller's approval.  *Note: In the event if the seller updated tracking number but did not actually send the parcel to be shipped by the courier (or no tracking status updated), your order be cancelled automatically within 7 days. In such event it may be better and faster for you to get the refund and purchase the item from another seller which may ship it out sooner than the previous seller.  You can use the steps below to check if the seller had arrange shipment for your order.  image.png 6. Return of Parcels

In the event that you need to send any return parcel back to the seller, please do proceed to return the parcel within 3 days of your return request (your request may be rejected if the parcel is not being shipped for return in time). Please do ensure that the return parcel had been securely prepared with all relevant items to be send back to the seller. If you have not requested for refund and do not know how to request for it, please do read "When and how can I apply for a return refund?". In the face of this pandemic, please take care of your health and that of your family and staff. Shopee is committed to helping you through this period and we will do what we can to ensure Malaysians get access to the essentials they need.  Please stay at home, practice personal hygiene and stay safe. 

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