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[ShopeePay] How to top up a ShopeePay account at 7-Eleven?

MOLPay Cash Payment at 7-Eleven is a new payment method offered by ShopeePay to provide all buyers with a convenient and safe top up option that is easily available throughout Malaysia. With over 2240 stores nationwide, 7-Eleven's extensive network offers buyers the ease of locating a 7-Eleven outlet. 

You may follow the steps below to reload your ShopeePay using Cash payment at any 7-Eleven. 

1. From your ShopeePay page, click Top Up at your Home Screen or ShopeePay at Me tab. Enter your preferred amount you would like to top up. Click on Payment tab to select Cash Payment at 7-Eleven payment option.


2. After you proceed with payment, you may refer to the payment instructions displayed and present the barcode to 7-Eleven staff to scan in order to process your payment. 


3. You will receive a notification informing you that your top-up has been processed successfully after the 7-Eleven staff scanned the barcode and processed your payment. A payment receipt will be issued to you for each payment you made using this payment method. 

What if my top-up/transaction is unsuccessful?

*Note: Your top up transaction will be unsuccessful or rejected by the system due to limitation balance. If you are a basic user your limit should be capped at  RM 2,999 and if you are a Premium user your limit should be capped at RM 4,999. Otherwise the Top Up transaction will be unsuccessful or Rejected.

If your barcode is not generated or could not be scanned successfully, it might be due to system error in which we suggest re-attempting the top-up process to re-generate a new barcode. The barcode would be valid for 48 hours. Otherwise the barcode will be expired and the Top Up transaction will be unsuccessful or Rejected. 

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